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Best Surrealism Painting Books

Post by: adminbc 6:49 AM Mon, April 22nd 2013

Surrealism is an art movement that began in the 1920s. The basic and underlying principle behind the movement was to resolve the conditions that contradicted aspects between reality and dreams. The artists who practiced surrealism were instrumental in creating unnerving works of art that had no logic but were done with photographic presentation. They created paintings which had everyday objects as the primary subjects and painted them in stark surreal surroundings.

The defining aspect of surrealism was the element of surprise contained in the paintings but more often than not, the artists who were the leaders of this movement were first in proclaiming that the movement was philosophical in nature. They wanted this to be the defining characteristic of their work. They surmised that the idea behind surrealism was philosophical while the subjects used in the same were mere artifacts. One of the greatest artists of surrealism Andre Breton was adamant in saying that the movement was revolutionary in nature.

The basic development of Surrealism as an art movement was borne out of the DADA activities during the World War 1 and Paris was the place where the art form developed the most. After the initial development in the 1920, the movement spread across the globe and was instrumental in affecting many other art forms like visual arts, film, literature and the like.

Some of the greatest artists of this movement were Paul Eluard, Rene Crevel, Robert Desnos, Jacques Baron, Pierre Naville, Roger Vitrac and Benjamin Peret.


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