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Post by: adminbc 4:31 AM Wed, April 17th 2013

The school of Stuckism painting was started in 1999 by Billy Childish and Charles Thompson for the promotion of figurative painting as opposed to conceptual art. During the initiation of the painting style, there were 13 British artists and by July 2012, the number had expanded to 233 groups of artists in 52 countries.

The two founders of the movement, Billy Childish and Charles Thompson have issued many manifestos during the course of the period of existence. The first manifesto was titled ‘The Stuckists’ and it consisted of twenty points which started with ‘Stuckism is the quest for authenticity.’ They released their other manifesto called Remodernism which was a criticism of Post-modernism and aimed to get back to the roots of the style of painting that was Modernism. The basic aim was to produce art which was all substance and aesthetically done without worrying about the style, subject matter or media used.

The Stuckists began exhibiting their work in small galleries in Shoreditch, London but soon moved on to major public museums. Their first major exhibition was held in 2004 at the Walker Art Gallery which was a part of the Liverpool Biennial. An annual demonstration is held after 2000 against the Turner Prize and sometimes, the demonstrators come dressed as clowns to the gathering. They also are against the Charles Saatchi patronized ‘Young British Artists’.

Some of the other founding members of the movement were Phillip Absolon, Frances Castle, Sheila Clark, Ella Guru, and Wolf Howard.

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