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Best Socialist Realism Paintings

Post by: adminbc 4:19 AM Wed, April 17th 2013

Socialist Realism paintings are a form of realistic painting art which was institutionalized in the Soviet Union before becoming famous and popular in other soviet nations. The basic premise behind the style is the technology used in the paintings to further the cause of socialism and communism. This form of painting should not be confused with social realism which is a broader form of art and depicts social problems and the criticism leveled against the people responsible for it. The primary aspect in which the two forms of painting are different is that in Socialist Realism, the roles of the meek are exaggerated and glorified. The role of the working class and the poorer sections of the society and also the work done towards their emancipation are also veritably represented.

Socialist Realism was the official art form of the Soviet Union for almost sixty years. Since all material goods and means of production belonged to the community as a whole, the means of producing art and paintings also belonged to the state. This meant that these paintings could be used as powerful propaganda tools. Further, Socialist Realism became a State Policy under Joseph Stalin when he decreed it under the “On the Reconstruction of Literary and Art Organizations”. The first exhibition of Socialist Realism paintings was held in 1935 and the primary artists who showcased their paintings were Piotr Buchkin, Rudolph Frentz, Isaak Brodsky, and Nikolai Dormidontov.


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