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Rococo painting which is also known as Roccoco, was an 18th century form of painting which had a profound impact on the styles of painting that existed then. It developed in the early part of the 18th century in France as a reaction to the grandeur and symmetry that existed in painting forms till then. This was during the Baroque period when strict regulations were followed in painting. As a result, this form of painting came to be known as ‘Late Baroque’.

Rococo painting was characterized by a fluid and graceful style which was a direct change from the strictness of Baroque styles. It applied the use of creamy and pastel colors more than bright and intense colors, and made away with the idea of symmetry. The paintings in this style were more playful and as a result used artistic themes wittily.

The downfall of Rococo style came in the end of the 18th century when a new movement in painting known as Neoclassic style started gaining importance. This development was generally understood to signal an end to Louis XV ‘s reign and usher in the beginning of Louis XVI’s rule. When the same style was used in England in 1836, it received much criticism and was termed as old-fashioned. Also, it was compared to neo-classicism and was thought to be in poor taste. Another complaint for the same was that it was too superficial.

Some of the greatest artists of this form of painting were Jean-Antoine Watteau, Francois Boucher, Thomas Gainsborough, Louis Michel van Loo and William Hogarth from England.


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