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Best Reductive Painting Books

Post by: adminbc 7:18 AM Fri, April 12th 2013

Reductive painting is the name given to those works of art which exhibit certain characteristics and not to a movement of art per se. Generally, a particular art style of aesthetic is known by the term reductive painting. There are a host of terms that are associated with the same like Minimal painting, ABC painting, anti-illusionism, cool art and rejective painting. The basic usage of materials and subjects is done in the form of streamlined composition, primary shapes and restricted colors. Apart from this, this form of painting is also characterized by plain-spoken materials and precise craftsmanship.

Some of the famous artists who are known for their reductive paintings are Robert Morris, Robert Ryman, Brice Marden, Agnes Martin, Michael Fried, Robert Mangold and Ivo Ringe. One of the most famous pieces of writing on the same is "More is More” Essay: "A Reaction to Reductive Art" by Rachel Thornton. Another piece of useful reading on reductive painting is “The Art of Reduction” which came out in the periodical Minus Space in the fall/winter edition of 2008.


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