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Best Pseudo-Realism Painting Books

Post by: adminbc 5:32 AM Wed, April 10th 2013

Pseudo-realism paintings are those works of art which belong to the school that are perceived as not being real or superficial. The basic representation of a subject in a way that deviates from the accurate representation is known as pseudo-realism. If the depiction of a subject is done in such a manner that it deviates from reality but has a single discerning effect which connects it to reality, then it is known as pseudo-realism.

Generally, artists over the years have taken the use of shapes and sizes which have no geometric connotation but when taken in the context of the entire painting, become meaningful. Often, surreal shapes and objects are used in such paintings. Another primary aspect of pseudo-realism paintings is the usage of off-beat colors and starkly opposite colors which are not used generally in the depiction of the subject portrayed. But the colors present a definite meaning and alternate reality which is in tandem with the mood of the painting.

One of the primary and contemporary artists who is known for pseudo-realism paintings is Bangalore-born Devajyoti Ray who uses colors which would not have been appropriate otherwise. He sees these paintings as a separate art-form which is in conjunction with his other paintings that are in context with Indian art forms.


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I love stories like this and cteolmpely agree with the video - I've even sent the link to a friend who told me she didn't see the point in dressing as a form of expression. Like this inspiring woman, though in a much less impressive way bearing in mind I wasn't dealing with hip problems, I found a way to be sure in myself and express myself to the world through clothes after two years of High School spent as an outcast.She is a fantastic woman and the first photo is very beautiful. :)


Mandy,the painting turns out beituaful.. I always love your paintings and follow your blog every week..When you make the print, can you do it in bigger size?Currently, I believe you only print up to A3 size. I would love to hang the pictures in a bigger than A3 size but I can't afford the original yet.

Hi Min Thanks for your nice comments My<a> petinrr</a> currently can only take paper that is 13 x 19 inches so my biggest print for this one at the moment will be 12 x 12. I am looking at a<a> petinrr</a> that will take 17 x 22 and then I could make a 20 x 20 inch print but that will be much later this year

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Cathy,Those are the best table easels ever and are made by Karin&#039;s <a>farotive</a> guy, Brett. They have no &quot;lip&quot; at the bottom which we all know gets in the way. They adjust to every angle and can go straight up for taking that finished photo. They also lay flat to pack away in your travel luggage. I think Karin should sell them on her website and hope that she will. It is a good product that others would love to have.Thanks for visiting:)