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Best Life Drawing Books

Post by: adminbc 11:48 PM Tue, March 12th 2013

If you are a fledgling artist who is looking to make inroads into the art of drawing, then there are many aspects to it you need to understand. There are a lot of types of drawing namely, figure drawing or life drawing, cartooning or doodling. Drawing can also be made in the form of sketches, which are basically rough, unrefined drawings.

Figure drawing or life drawing is one of the hardest forms of the art because the proportions, in which the human or animal body is drawn, need to be perfect. Of course, there are a couple of variations in life drawing as well, the first being an exact rendition of the human body as we see it or the other type, in which the body is represented through a set of large, flowing and expansive lines which make up expressive sketches. The first is generally used to make portraits while the latter constitutes most of modern art and its types. Of course, caricatures are also a type where the artist gives space to his imagination and creates a life drawing, highlighting a particular trait of the individual subject.

Life drawing has been attempted through the ages and it has gone through many technique changes over the centuries. Here, it is imperative that we should pay homage to the man who redefined the art of life drawing, Leonardo Da Vinci. He was the first individual to come up with a technique which could make a life drawing proportionate beyond belief. Various books have been dedicated to the artistic teachings of the man and the books are a good place to start with for artists interested in drawing of the human form. Other books on the same subject would also give you information on how to get a proportionate life drawing done and the various media that can be used. One of the best books to consult would be ‘Drawing The Human Form: Methods, Sources, Concepts’ by William A. Berry.

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