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Best Expressionism Painting Books

Post by: adminbc 5:34 AM Mon, March 18th 2013

Expressionism painting was started in Germany at the turn of the 20th century as an avante-garde movement. The primary trait of this painting is to present images and ideas in an expressive way through the eyes of the painter, with the sole objective to invoke moods and reactions. They also aimed to create an emotional reality rather than a physical reality through the production of such art.

First initiated in Germany, before the First World War, Expressionism remained popular during the Weimar Republic, especially in Berlin. Though the final result is supposed to draw emotions and moods from the public, art critics have often said that expressionism is a ways of getting a look into the emotional angst of the painter.

The term expressionism is applied generally to painters of the twentieth century but sometimes, El Greco and Matthias Grunewald are added to the list due to their works which can be interpreted as forming a part of Expressionism. A defined glance into the art form would show that it was a reaction to other painting styles as Positivism, Naturalism and Impressionism.

Some of the painting forms that have stemmed as a result of Expressionism include New York Figurative Expressionism, Lyrical Abstraction, Bay Area Figurative Movement, and Abstract Expressionism. A few of the famous artists who were popularly responsible for Expressionism are Kandinsky, Marsden Hartley, Jack Levine, Hyman Bloom, and David Aronson.


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