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Post by: adminbc 8:58 AM Fri, March 15th 2013
Contemporary art is basically the art which is produced at the present time. Though that is the common denomination by which the name is taken at par, some art museums and collectors argue that contemporary art includes everything that has been created since the end of World War II or more specifically, 1945.
Post by: adminbc 5:21 AM Fri, March 15th 2013
Constructivism art or painting was initiated in 1919 in Russia. This was a rejection of the idea of autonomous art which prevailed in that period. The basic idea behind this movement was to use art to inspire social changes in a constructive way.
Post by: adminbc 7:21 AM Thu, March 14th 2013
Color Field painting is a form of art which emerged during the 1940s and 50s in New York. It was a part of the abstract art movement which gained notoriety during the mid 20th century.
Post by: adminbc 7:21 AM Thu, March 14th 2013
Body painting is a form of body art which is temporary unlike tattoos and other such forms. Most of the body painting stays on the skin only for a few hours, except in the case of henna tattoos which last for a couple of weeks.
Post by: adminbc 7:16 AM Wed, March 13th 2013
Baroque painting is basically the type of art form which is associated with the Baroque Cultural Movement.
Post by: adminbc 6:40 AM Wed, March 13th 2013
Art Deco paintings or simply ‘Deco’, as it is sometimes known, is a visually influential painting form that was born in the 1920s.
Post by: adminbc 6:40 AM Wed, March 13th 2013
Art Brut painting means raw art or rough art in French. It was initiated by the French painter Jean Dubuffet to label paintings or general art which were created outside the boundaries of official culture.
Post by: adminbc 4:29 AM Wed, March 13th 2013
Abstract painting or art is a visual language of the art form of painting. It is generally composed with a certain degree of independence from the visual yardstick observed by artists.
Post by: adminbc 4:26 AM Wed, March 13th 2013
Abstract expressionism is an art form which first came into being during the aftermath of the Second World War. It was borne in America and was the first form of art movement which gained international influence.
Post by: adminbc 11:51 PM Tue, March 12th 2013
An illustration is a basic depiction of a subject that is used to convey information through the eyes of the artist. The illustrations can be done as a drawing, image or painting. A brief history of the art of illustrations would give the new born artist a better idea of the art form.
Post by: adminbc 11:51 PM Tue, March 12th 2013
Drawing is the most basic form of art through which people proceed to various other forms such as painting or architectural drawing. But we should also know that there are many different aspects to the same which might seem confusing to the new artist. So, if you are one of those who is looking to dip their feet in the world of drawing, then here are some of the basic aspects.
Post by: adminbc 11:50 PM Tue, March 12th 2013
In the vast gamut of drawing, there are many types of the broad art. Among many others, one of the most practiced is geometric drawing or geometric perspective as it is sometimes called. The basic concept here is to make the objects in the drawing look smaller as far as they recede into the distance.
Post by: adminbc 11:50 PM Tue, March 12th 2013
The word Perspective is derived from the Latin word ‘Perspicere’ which means to see through. When used in the context of drawing, the word implies a form of drawing in which there is an approximate representation of what one sees with the eye.
Post by: adminbc 11:50 PM Tue, March 12th 2013
Drawing is considered by many to be one of the fulfilling profession or hobby ever. This is because the artist is able to put his thoughts and expressions on paper without having to cater to any fixed parameters.
Post by: adminbc 11:49 PM Tue, March 12th 2013
Sketching is a form of drawing in which the final product is not done as yet. It is generally used as a means of representing something or someone, or to record something which the artist might want to remember for later, or simply as a rough model for something to be developed.