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Post by: adminbc 5:18 AM Mon, March 25th 2013
The basic meaning behind the Minimalism style of painting is that the work produced is to set to expose the very essence of the subject. All of the unnecessary add-ons, or features and concepts are eliminated, thus culminating in a minimalistic painting.
Post by: adminbc 5:17 AM Mon, March 25th 2013
The art of Mannerism painting began in the 16th century in Europe in the later years of the Italian Renaissance. Thhis form of painting continued till 1580 until it was slowly replaced by the Baroque style of painting. But in some places, Northern Mannerism painting continued well into the 17th century.
Post by: adminbc 8:03 AM Fri, March 22nd 2013
Lyrical abstraction is hard to define but more often than not, it has been seen as a form of Abstract Expressionism. This form of art has been in use since the 1940s and it is basically a trend which has been noticed in Post-War Modernist Painting styles. Most of the paintings done by famous abstract expressionist painter Arshile Gorky have been described as being Lyrical Abstraction.
Post by: adminbc 7:41 AM Fri, March 22nd 2013
Impressionism as an art movement was initiated in the 19th century by a group of Paris based artists. They exhibited an individual style of paintings which drew attention from the art community in the 1870s and 1880s though they painted in stark contrast to the rules which conventional painters used at that time.
Post by: adminbc 7:04 AM Thu, March 21st 2013
Hard-edge painting is a form of painting in which abrupt transitions are found between color areas, while the color areas are generally of a single block color. This form of painting is related to various other art-forms like Geometric Abstraction, Op Art, Color-Field Painting and Post-painterly Abstraction.
Post by: adminbc 7:04 AM Thu, March 21st 2013
Graffiti or Graffito(singular) is derived from the Italian word Graffito which means ‘scratched’. The basic meaning behind the word is to signify works of art which are produced by scratching or painting something on to a surface. Another related word or term which is not commonly known is ‘sgraffito’.
Post by: adminbc 6:47 AM Wed, March 20th 2013
Futurism paintings were initiated as an art movement in Italy during the beginning of the 20th century. The main themes which were taken into consideration in these paintings were the contemporary issues of the future. Objects such as cars, airplanes, and the industrial city were a staple form in such paintings.
Post by: adminbc 6:46 AM Wed, March 20th 2013
Post by: adminbc 4:42 AM Tue, March 19th 2013
Figuration Libre is an art movement which found its roots in France in the 1980s. It means free figuration. Figuration Libre is basically a French equivalent of art movements from many places all over namely, Bad Painting and Neo-expressionism in America and Europe, Junge Wilde from Germany and Transvanguardia in Italy.
Post by: adminbc 4:41 AM Tue, March 19th 2013
The word Fauvism is given to the paintings done by the group of painters known as les Fauves. The name of the group denotes ‘the wild beasts’. The paintings done by the group are characterized by painterly qualities and strong colors rather than the realistic or representational works done in the Impressionism movement.
Post by: adminbc 4:41 AM Tue, March 19th 2013
If you are a fledgling artist who is looking to make inroads into the art of drawing, then there are many aspects to it you need to understand. There are a lot of types of drawing namely, figure drawing or life drawing, cartooning or doodling.
Post by: adminbc 5:35 AM Mon, March 18th 2013
Drawing is an art which is sought after by many due to the simplicity attached to it. There are some people who are just born with the talent to create masterpieces without having formal training of any sort.
Post by: adminbc 5:34 AM Mon, March 18th 2013
Expressionism painting was started in Germany at the turn of the 20th century as an avante-garde movement. The primary trait of this painting is to present images and ideas in an expressive way through the eyes of the painter, with the sole objective to invoke moods and reactions.
Post by: adminbc 5:19 AM Mon, March 18th 2013
Cubism painting is an avant-garde art movement which was pioneered by Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque. Some of the other famous artists who joined this movement at a later date included Juan Gris, Albert Gleizes, and Robert Delaunay.
Post by: adminbc 5:18 AM Mon, March 18th 2013
The meaning of realism painting is basically the process of representing the truth in all its glory. This is generally done without the help of artistic additions, incredible and unrealistic imagery.