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Post by: adminbc 2:20 PM Mon, December 23rd 2013
A Lot Like Christmas
Post by: adminbc 1:20 PM Tue, December 17th 2013
The season of lights, warmth, clolour and alluring romance
Post by: adminbc 1:46 PM Wed, December 11th 2013
Dance was never this exciting
Post by: adminbc 3:47 AM Tue, April 23rd 2013
The painting movement that originated in the 1880s when American artists started painting landscapes with an overall tone of atmospheric mist or hues is known tonalism.
Post by: adminbc 6:49 AM Mon, April 22nd 2013
Tachism painting or Tachisme as it is sometimes known is derived from the French word, “Tache” which means stain. This is a form of abstract painting that gained popularity in the 1940s and 1950s.
Post by: adminbc 6:49 AM Mon, April 22nd 2013
Surrealism is an art movement that began in the 1920s. The basic and underlying principle behind the movement was to resolve the conditions that contradicted aspects between reality and dreams.
Post by: adminbc 4:31 AM Wed, April 17th 2013
The school of Stuckism painting was started in 1999 by Billy Childish and Charles Thompson for the promotion of figurative painting as opposed to conceptual art. During the initiation of the painting style, there were 13 British artists and by July 2012, the number had expanded to 233 groups of artists in 52 countries.
Post by: adminbc 4:19 AM Wed, April 17th 2013
Socialist Realism paintings are a form of realistic painting art which was institutionalized in the Soviet Union before becoming famous and popular in other soviet nations.
Post by: adminbc 5:00 AM Tue, April 16th 2013
Romantic realism is a school of painting which involves the aspects of Romanticism and Realism to a great extent. It marries the two schools and attempts to bring out the best from both. This is an aesthetic term and tries to merge the two different painting movements though they are starkly different to one another.
Post by: adminbc 4:47 AM Tue, April 16th 2013
The Romantic Movement or era was an artistic movement among other things which started in Europe towards the end of the 18th century and was at its peak during 1800 to 1850. This was basically a reaction to the Industrial revolution and also against the scientific rationalization of nature.
Post by: adminbc 7:18 AM Fri, April 12th 2013
Reductive painting is the name given to those works of art which exhibit certain characteristics and not to a movement of art per se. Generally, a particular art style of aesthetic is known by the term reductive painting.
Post by: adminbc 7:18 AM Fri, April 12th 2013
Rococo painting which is also known as Roccoco, was an 18th century form of painting which had a profound impact on the styles of painting that existed then.
Post by: adminbc 5:33 AM Wed, April 10th 2013
Realism painting is the form of painting in which the subject is portrayed as it truly is without the help of any artistic conventions or imagery that would lend a hint of superficiality.
Post by: adminbc 5:32 AM Wed, April 10th 2013
Pseudo-realism paintings are those works of art which belong to the school that are perceived as not being real or superficial.
Post by: adminbc 8:14 AM Tue, April 9th 2013
Primitive art painting is a style of painting that borrows heavily from non-Western art styles and prehistoric designs and motifs.