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Success Stories

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Dec 06,2011
6:28 am
Success Stories

Share some fine success stories with us and stand a chance to win a copy of "Live From London".

Dec 12,2011
4:44 am
Success Story

My maternal Uncle used to be a clerk in a govt. office. But he always nurtured the dream of being a businessman. He wasn't of an affluent background and grandpa couldn't support his dream (financially) but one day Uncle quit his job to come home an announce his decision to partner with his friend and venture in to importing clothes from S.E. Asia. He faced much defiance and he had to borrow money to kick-start his venture. He was almost asked to leave home to support his "selfish" dream.

Today he is amongst the big players of the apparel industry.

He did not have much knowledge about clothes back then, but he had a god sense of dressing and he knew (and guessed) what would appeal to the Indian market.

He resides in a palatial house in South Delhi and offers a comfortable lifestyle to his family.

For us, he is one man who had the guts and determination to make it big at any cost.

Dec 12,2011
5:35 am
Sucess Story

Many years ago my father was flying in the Mumbai-Bangalore Air Bus A-320 Boeing on February 14, 1990. It was said to be the worst air crash in Karnataka that left 92 persons, including four crew, dead and 54 survivors, many of them injured. The bodies were so badly charred that the police were forced to give a mass funeral to the victims.It was all so sad. I did not understand its impact then but now I understand how difficult it could have been.

But knowing that my dad did not get scared to take a flight in just 10 days after the accident makes me feel that he is a successful man, and this is best success story i can share.

Dec 12,2011
7:25 am
My MOM My Idol


As a kid everyone gets inspired by their parents but for me my mom has not just been my hero but also someone whom i revere.

She lost her eye sight as a kid but that did not take her vision away. She did her studies and is a successfull teacher now. She fought all resistance from all spheres of society including astrologers, who said she does not even have eduction line in her hands.

Love you mom, am so proud of you

Dec 13,2011
11:12 am
Success Story :)

Everyone shares somebody else’s success story. I wish to share mine. It is definitely not as great but is a success story and matters a lot to me.

In school in CBSE board, when you reach 11th standard, you choose a stream. I chose commerce. Then there was a choice between subjects – Maths or Physical Education, the subject of sports and all. Being a kind of nerd, who always ended up in top 3 of class and naturally not much into sports I didn’t had mush of a choice of taking Physical Education (P.E.).

But then came the 1st term tests and there were chapters like straight lines, calculus and all other nightmares you can think of! The test of maths was so bad and equally bad were the marks. I just managed passing barely...I had never ever scored such less marks in my whole lifetime. It was the case with most of the students in the class. So immediate decision taken by the majority of the class was to take P.E. and I was also one of them.

But when I discussed the marks at my home, my brother was not happy with my marks but he was even unhappy with me deciding on giving up maths and taking P.E. He forced his decision on me and did not allow me to drop maths. So time moved on and I scored average marks whilst others who changed to P.E. were having much higher overall percentage due to good marks in that subject. In 11th final result, I was nowhere in top 10 of class! I was totally shattered.

Then began the 12th! And I realised that I already had a damn fine grip on most of the topics. I continued to improve with time and when the dreaded 12th BOARD EXAMS came, I was all prepared for the battle. Maths exam was great and guess what? so was the result.

I scored a perfect 100/100 in maths!! Not a single student could do that in our class, including those with P.E. And even my maths teacher, who also taught at IIT level had challenged that no one can get 100 in maths in 12th board!

But boy I did! And I even got a Certificate of Merit from CBSE which is given only to top 0.1% students out of the whole country! This was all because of my brother’s decision and his faith in me that I can do better! Hard work does pay off. :)

Dec 15,2011
1:38 am
My Success Story

I am Deepika. I live in Ulhasnagar and I am Web designer, a scusseful web designer. When I was in 12th, I passed it with good percentage but my parents not allow me to study further. I cried lot more that 6 months after result but they not listen me. Mom say we are already facing finacial Problems and with that we can't afford your further studies. I told her,"I do job and earn for my studies" she said,"whatever u do its your decision but for further we not going to expense on u for studies. After that I started Job in Computer teaching field, I completed computer applications in 11th std. vacations. 2 years I spent in this field and then get opportunity to work as Web Designer and Now I am in SYBA. I cotinued my study after foru years gap with SNDT Womens University and Distance Education. I successfully pass out FYBA with 65% and my dream is not dream now. I am on the way to completing my graduation and Regarding Job I am Successful Web Designer.

Dec 16,2011
3:39 am
My Friend

My friend Tahir lost his hands in an accident a few years ago. And he was an artist. Can you imagine the emotional pain and trauma he underwent!

He gathered courage and strength to keep his family happy. He started using his legs to paint and draw. and today he is quite an established artist / painter in his city.

Truly a successful one!

Dec 16,2011
4:54 am
The Contest is Now Closed

Thank you people for writing in. The contest is now closed. We declare Akanksha Arora as the winner. Congratulations Akanksha!!!

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