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1. How do I open an account on BookChums?

It's very simple to become a Bookchums member. Click on the Join Us button in the header. All you have to do is enter your name, email id, username and the password you wish to keep. Once you have registered, you will get an activation mail at the email id you have provided.

You can also register using your Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus or LinkedIn accounts. Just link on the relevant links on the Join Us page and use your social media ids to login in to Bookchums.


2. I'm registered on BookChums, now what?

Edit your profile and account:

Your account contains details that you entered during registration. You can edit those details along with adding a photo.

Your profile is a snippet of information that lets other know more about you. Here you can add in a short bio, list your favorite authors and books, include the genres you follow and jazz up your profile so that book lovers like you can search you and add you as a contact.

Remember, the better your profile, the more people you'll meet.

3. What are book reviews?

Reviews are your opinions and views about the book. Though ratings let people know about the quality of the book, they are not very accurate. Through reviews, users get a better idea of the book they are about to read and also get others' opinions about the books they have read. You can recommend a book or ask people to stay away from it through your reviews.

4. What do I do with the book reviews?

You can rate the book reviews. Based on how useful/helpful you found the review, you can rate it.

You can also comment on the reviews and let the reviewer know what you think of his/her review. You can also write a review in response to the reviewer if you wish to. You can respond to users in your reviews and comments by prefixing an “@” symbol in front of their username.

You can report abuse for reviews/comments that you think contain sexually explicit material, are highly disturbing, are non-relevant to the book, contain personal bias and slander against the author or any other user on the site.

5. What do I do with the e-books?

We have over 50,000 eBooks listed on the website that you can download and read on your computer, phone, android device or any other e-readers.

6. How do I request e-books to be included in your listings?

You can request us to add certain e-books of your choice to our listings. You can enter the title of the ebook, the author and the category in which you think it belongs. If you own an ebook which you'd like us to include in our listings, you can submit all details along with uploading its PDF format file. We'll add the ebooks after reviewing your request.

Please note that it is not possible for us to add all ebooks requested or submitted on account of copyrights issues and time constraints.

7. What are author profiles?

Authors profiles are short biographies written by various people and submitted to our site. You can find out more about your favorite authors using this section. You can rate the profiles, find out other books by them and also comment on the profile.

8. What are featured authors?

This section puts the spotlight on certain authors for a period of time. We pick these based on their works, the rating they have and their relevance to the current time and trends. If you'd like to have certain authors included in the featured section, please vote for them.

9. Can I request authors whom I wish to be covered?

Yes, definitely! You can request for authors whom you wish to be profiled. Just write us at admin@bookchums.com with your request. We might not have the time to immediately create profiles for all the authors requested, but if a request lies with us for over 30 days without any response, please let us know and we'll get working on it!

10. Can I submit author profiles I have written?

Yes, again. If you have written a profile of an author, please send it at admin@bookchums.com Following its review, we will approve it and display it on our site. Please note that the profiles must be written in proper English, be factually accurate interspersed with your opinion of his writing. We do not accept any material that might contain profanity, personal bias or slander, or seem offensive to our readers. All rights to include belong to BookChums and we can reject any profile that we find inappropriate or unfit for publishing on our site.

11. What is a blog? What does BookChums Blog have?

A blog is a web log of various articles, writings, reports (called posts) etc, much like a collection or diary created online. BookChums blog contains posts which are articles, site updates, event coverage, author interviews etc. You can browse through these and add your comments to tell us what you think and can also follow the blog to get updates whenever there are new posts.

12. I have downloaded the eBook. How do I read it on my android device?

If you want to read your ebook on your android device you can download the BookChums App from Google Play Store and begin reading. You should search for Bookchums & install it, & once the ebook is downloaded, it will be available in My Shelf page of BookChums App

If you are using your Desktop to read the book, simply download & install “Adobe Digital Editions”


If you are using an iPhone or iPad you can open the ebook in the ‘iBooks’ app.