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The Music Room

The Music Room

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Published by Athena Publishing Co.

320 pages



When Namita is ten, her mother takes her to Dhondutai, a respected Mumbainmusic teacher from the great Jaipur Gharana. Dhondutai has dedicated herself to music and hernantecedents are rich. She is the only remaining student of the legendary Alladiya Khan, the foundernof the gharana and of its most famous singer, the tempestuous songbird, Kesarbai Kerkar. Namitanbegins to learn singing from Dhondutai, at first reluctantly and then, as the years pass, with growingnpassion. Dhondutai sees...

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About Namita Devidayal

Namita Devidayal, author of The Music Room and After Taste, was born in 1968 and graduated from Prin...

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