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Prey on the Prowl - A Crime Novel Book Review, Book by BS Murthy
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Prey on the Prowl - A Crime Novel

Prey on the Prowl - A Crime Novel

Prey on the Prowl - A Crime Novel

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Who could have poisoned Ranjit the realtor, Shakeel the Inspector, Pravar the criminal and Natya his accomplice?
Well the needle of suspicion tilted towards Pravar that was till he perished with his mate, but then who was the one?
Could it be Radha under the scanner for her role in the death of her husband Madhu and his mistress Mala, Pravar's sister? Or was it Ranjit's spouse Kavya, who owing to Stockholm Syndrome, takes to Pravar her kidnapper.
As these deaths ...

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Murder mystery,  

detective novel,  

mystery and suspense,  

Indian detective,  

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