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Paulo Coelho : The Deluxe Collection (Setbox)

The Paulo Coelho Deluxe Collection (Paperback)

The Paulo Coelho Deluxe Collection (Paperback)

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HarperCollins India presents a must-have collection of 10 super-hit titles by the bestselling author in one stunning box.

This collection showcases some of his best works in one superb package. It is a beautiful gift that will have fans in raptures over its contents.

This box set includes:
• The Alchemist
• Veronika Decides To Die
• The Zahir
• The Valkyries
• The Witch Of Portobello
• The Pilgrimage
• B...

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About Paulo Coelho

Paulo Coelho was born on 24 August, 1947 in Rio de Janeiro. Before he became an author he worked as ...

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