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Fiesta : The Sun Also Rises Book Review - Buy Fiesta : The Sun Also Rises by Ernest Hemingway
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Fiesta : The Sun Also Rises

Fiesta: The Sun Also Rises (Paperback)

Fiesta: The Sun Also Rises (Paperback)

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The Sun Also Rises is set in Paris and Spain in the 1920s and depicts the lives of a group of young American and English expatriates living in the aftermath of World War I. Often read as a representation of the now familiar - Lost Generation.
The story revolves around the impossible love affair between the war-damaged American journalist Jake Bames and Lady Brett Ashley, a former nurse in a hospital Jake was in during the war.

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The first of the Hemingway novels that we remember him for, Fiesta is set in the post World War I times of Paris. Expatriate Americans and Britishers idle, drink, attend parties and flirt, all on adequate money send from home. The narrator of the story is Jake, a newspaper reporter based in Paris, and he has his friends in Robert Cohn - an upcoming writer and Braddocks. He is also impossibly in love with Brett Ashley, a beautiful, free-spirited woman. The motley group then pushes off to Pampalona, Spain, where in the background of the bullfighting, a human interplay and romance is played out.By the end of this journey, that becomes epic, subtle and sublime in Hemingway's hands, realization finally dawns on Jake.

Hemingway is at his most subtle here, even when in contrast he etches out details with his journalistic eye, a lot is unsaid at the right places. This effect is consistent throughout the novel and provides it with a rich subtext on what is implied. The ending in itself is free of any creases, and adds to the book's understated tone, even as a poetic, yet violent background of matador-bull face-offs take place.

This was Hemingway's first triumph, that he could look beyond his journalistic inclinations of exact detail to telling a beautifully weaved tale that has the idleness, calm of travel, vivid descriptions of Paris and Spain and in the midst of it - doomed romance. One of the best works of Hemingway.

- Snehith Kumbla
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