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Crazy Times with Uncle Ken

Crazy Times with Uncle Ken (Paperback)

Crazy Times with Uncle Ken (Paperback)

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Published by Penguin Books

Paperback , 168 pages






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Uncle Ken was one of those people who went through life without having to do much, although a great deal seemed to happen around Him ... Who doesn t like an eccentric uncle? Ruskin Bond certainly does. Read all the stories about bumbling and endearing Uncle Ken in this collection. Whenever Uncle Ken arrives at Grandma s house, and he does frequently, there is trouble afoot! Uncle Ken drives his car into a wall, is mistaken for a famous cricketer, troubled by a mischievous ghost, chased...

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Crazy Times with Uncle Ken,  

Ruskin Bond,  

Vivek Thakkar,  

short stories,  


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About Ruskin Bond

Renowned author Ruskin Bond was born in Kasauli in the then Punjab Province in 1934. Born to a Briti...

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