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Another Chance

Another Chance (Paperback)

Another Chance (Paperback)

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A fragile beauty brought up by her indulgent Nana in Shimla. A woman stalked by a violent, obsessive son of a powerful minister. A woman married to a junkie in London who spends his days on a Playstation. Her passionate lover, Aditya Sharma, a successful Brand Manager trying to strike the work-life balance, wants another chance with Ruheen in Amsterdam. So does her old flame and best friend Varun Shetty, a recovering alcoholic in Shimla, finding meaning in life. Malika, a seductress wr...

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5 Reviews of Another Chance (Paperback)

Another Chance is Ahmed Faiyaz’s second writing venture after his bestseller “Love Life and All that Jazz”. This book has come out pretty close on heels to his prev.. More details Another Chance is Ahmed Faiyaz’s second writing venture after his bestseller “Love Life and All that Jazz”. This book has come out pretty close on heels to his previous book.

From the prologue itself you realise that this book can be right away made into a Bollywood flick. And that point is affirmed as one gets engrossed in the book. The story moves forward from where Love, Life and All that Jazz ended with the friends just out of college. Here it’s about how the protagonists are able to maintain a consistent work – life balance as well as give time to their loved ones.

Love, relationships, care, anger – all the emotions have been moulded together to make an interesting impact. As they say the stories remain the same as you can use the different emotions or have a complex mixture of each of them. But what differentiates the best from the rest is the treatment the writer gives to the story. Ahmed has effectively managed to build his characters and the entire story in a fantastic manner. The narrative is fast paced and you are always waiting to know what happens next, be it when Ruheen wants to run away from Rohan or whether Ruheen and Varun would get hitched.

The extra explanation of Aditya’s stint in sales and distribution and the visit to Amsterdam may not be liked by a lot of people. But personally speaking, I felt that it gave the story another push forward and a sense of direction.

Ahmed’s writing has improved by notches from his previous attempt. He has moved beyond the typical girl meets guy story at college to relationships in real life. The complex web of relationships that he weaves would surely keep the writer engrossed till the end.

Ruheen and Aditya are the main characters. The others like Varun, Rohan, Ruheen’s Nanaji mostly make up the numbers. But Ruheen with her combination of beauty and innocence stands shoulders above the rest.

A simple, light, breezy read which makes you wonder – “Dude, didn’t this happen to me too?”
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Another Chance is a book about relationships. In fact instead of book or novel, I’d like to use the word ‘story.’ It’s the story of a free spirited girl who passe.. More details Another Chance is a book about relationships. In fact instead of book or novel, I’d like to use the word ‘story.’ It’s the story of a free spirited girl who passes through various ups, downs and downs in her life. And it’s the story of a boy who loves the girl. And the best thing about the book is that the author has been successful in drawing a very real picture of this relationship that exists between the two main characters of the story. If and whatever negatives come in the book, are overcome only by this major success of the story.

The second good thing about the book is the interest it generates in you. Once you have started and got into the book a bit, it just keeps you going. There are hardly any dull parts in the book and story keeps you interested whether it’s going through the effervecent days of college or the sombre moods of a breaking relationship.

As for the negatives, there are a few. I could find printing and grammar errors in the book, and though very few, say not even ten in the entire book, they can break the flow of the book for a second. Another thing that is good but seems a bit uncalled for in some places is the use of Hindi words in the dialog. Also, a sudden increase in the usage of urban dictionary in a few places looks like a try-too-hard by the author.

Also, with all the ups and downs, the timeline is a bit difficult to follow, at least in absolute terms, but a positive thing there is that the relative order of things is simple to follow and you always know what is happening after what and before what, so no problems with the timeline really.

As for the characters, as I said earlier, the main characters of the book, Ruheen and Aditya are really well defined and people can easily identify with them. Even Varun, and some more characters that are part of story from the start are quite true to themselves, but a few characters may not be that well understood and may be slightly confusing, though it doesn’t at any point create any problem for the main story.

Overall, Another Chance is a good novel that talks of problems that most of us face in different shapes and sizes in our lives today, and in its own subtle manner, it also tries to provide you a solution, without preaching at all. Above all, it’s a story we can relate to. If you’re interested in a story about love, relationships, and various realities of life it may have to pass through, read the book. You may like it, or maybe love it too, the way I did.
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“I love you darling!..... I can’t live without you…. You are the reason my heart beats for you.” Well we all are sick and tired of hearing such cliché and boring.. More details “I love you darling!..... I can’t live without you…. You are the reason my heart beats for you.” Well we all are sick and tired of hearing such cliché and boring filmy lines, aren’t we? Well who would want to read the same old romantic stories which have a predictable ending. But sometime or the other we would always indulge in a light sweet romantic read which would just take you to a world where you can live and flow with it.
Another Chance written by Ahmed Faiyaz took me to that world. It revolves around two main characters who fall in love but due to numerous reasons, they fall in and out of a relationship. If seen in comparison with others, it’s yet another romantic story but is a light read that compels a reader to know what happens next. And that’s what’s important for a story, isn’t it?
The story revolves around Ruheen Oberoi and Aditya Sharma who fall in true love. Ruheen Oberoi is the grand-daughter of a rich and protective Nana-ji . She is a person with modern views and always happens to make wrong choices regarding her soul-mate. Whereas Aditya is a strong career oriented person who would want to go to any extent to have a stable life for himself and his love. Both of them meet each other in college but destiny had separated them to reunite again after a gap when Ruheen tries to escape from her abusive and immature husband. Now that’s a movie story, isn’t it? I can hear someone say HUM TUM though obviously there the husband dies. But then the stylish narrative is what makes it different. It’s a story about two people who could go mad in love. Ahmed takes the readers to the land where his characters are, and one can feel as if they are in the situation and imagine themselves there.
Ahmed has succeeded in keeping the story simple and sweet, projecting every character with an individual identity and strong presence. It stands true to its word of taking the reader to a romantic world.
There are very few writers who could bring an international touch to their writing. But Ahmed takes his readers on a journey across various countries in Europe and India. And this is what brings a truly international feel to the book. It’s a blend of interesting style with a touch of emotions that would surely make one cry or rejoice.
A good read having interesting characters with a maze of relationships! Recommended!!!
My rating – 3.5/5
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This one is a reflection of our society. And the way we see and perceive things. Ruheen Oberoi, the leading lady, seems to have a flippant attitude. With her grandfather.. More details This one is a reflection of our society. And the way we see and perceive things.
Ruheen Oberoi, the leading lady, seems to have a flippant attitude. With her grandfather fulfilling all her demands and needs she lives an easy life, and has an obsessive (boy) friend in college, who ill-treats her and drives her away from her love – Aditya Sharma. After college, she stays a while with her grandfather but soon moves to Delhi to live a frivolous life and falls in love with another loser NRI (Rohan) and ends up marrying him, and going to London, only to realize that all his family ever wanted was a rich bride to extract all her money. She escapes to Amsterdam and starts a new life. But as fate would have it, Aditya Sharma bumps into her and their old love re-kindles. She comes to India with him and starts living with him. He makes every possible attempt to keep her happy and mostly succeeds. But soon his work takes a toll on him and Ruheen starts feeling neglected and left out. Her miscarriage too leads her into depression. When she hears about her grandfather suffering a heart attack she goes to Shimla to take care of him – and ends up meeting her childhood friend and first crush- Varun Shetty – an ex-alcoholic trying to regain his footing in life. Varun’s undivided attention melts Ruheen. She ends up leaving Aditya and moving in with Varun.
Now, Mr. Aditya – the good chap that he is – gives up his entire saving to get Ruheen a divorce from Rohan (without her knowledge) only to find out that Ruheen no longer wishes to be a part of his stressful-workaholic life.
Ruheen, down the line, finds out about Aditya’s selfless acts of love/kindness and she melts one more time.
So you see – there is a lot of back-n-forth drama by the lady. But in a way it is the true picture of society today. No time for love. Everything is based on materialism. We choose what /who keeps us happy. A slightest hint of unhappiness and we retreat.
The story would’ve been more enjoyable had it been a little short. The characterization is nice. But I wonder if people like Aditya really exist.
Overall a fine read. But read it only if you have plenty of time to kill.
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Like someone rightly said “Love gives birth to every single emotion”, I couldn’t help but agree, more especially after reading “Another Chance” by Ahmed Faiyaz... More details Like someone rightly said “Love gives birth to every single emotion”, I couldn’t help but agree, more especially after reading “Another Chance” by Ahmed Faiyaz.
The story revolves around Ruheen Oberoi – a smart, free-spirited girl more than often ending with the wrong kind of men – right from college days. First a minister’s son (Vishal) who is obsessed with her and would go to any extent to “obtain” her and then the NRI chap (Rohan) who she ends up marrying against her grandfather’s wishes only to find out that his family is only after her grandfather’s money (typical Indian setting).
Then we have Aditya Sharma, Ruheen’s college friend, who truly (deeply and madly) is in love with her and goes to the extremes to keep her happy. Aditya, in a way, portrays selfless love. The kind of love which, in today’s era, is a rarity. You might have one in a million guys valuing the true meaning of love. And personally I do know such a guy. Reading about Aditya’s selfless acts made me think about the person more and more.
Coming back to the story, Ruheen separates from Aditya in college (because of Vishal’s threats), walks away from his life for his good, ends up marrying Rohan and settling in London only to awaken to the harsh reality of abuse and disrespect. She escapes to Amsterdam and works as a waitress and bumps into Aditya once again while he is on a business trip. They get together and the old flame ignites.
They come back to India to live together and Aditya tries his very best to keep her happy. But soon his professional life takes the front seat and Ruheen feels neglected.
At this point I’d surely like to confess I don’t know whose side I’d be on – Ruheen’s or Aditya’s. Our professions do take up quite a large chunk of our time. But it’s not that we do it to neglect our personal life. It’s just that we strive with all our heart and soul to provide our loved ones with a (financially stable and) happy life and shower them with all the luxuries of living. So when we sacrifice on the “home-front” we do expect a bit of understanding.
But yes, at the same time, totally neglecting family and our loved ones does tend to take a toll on them too – and it surely drives them away – in search of attention and care and love.
And that’s exactly the way Aditya and Ruheen’s life goes as the story proceeds.
Ruheen’s grandpa suffers a heart attack and she flies to Shimla to be with him and ends up meeting Varun Shetty (her childhood friend and crush). Varun’s love for her rekindles and slowly even she feels drawn to him. Soon, she leaves Aditya to be with Varun.
Meanwhile, Aditya does all that he can to win Ruheen’s love again. He quits his job to focus more on her; he even gets her a divorce settlement (from Rohan) by paying him a huge sum (without breathing an air about it to anyone-especially Ruheen); and buys a ring to propose only to come back home to se her with her bags packed and mind set to leave him to be with Varun. He writes to her asking her to re-consider. But he never forces her for anything.
But the truth surfaces (as it usually does) and Ruheen realizes Aditya’s true love for her. She decides to go back to him and confides in Varun on the very day that he is about to propose! (Sorry I couldn’t help but give out this part of the story…my bad!)
And Varun, like a true sweetheart, too lets her make her choice and helps her get to back with Aditya.
So overall, this is a very gripping tale of love. But it definitely makes you doubt a certain trait of Ruheen – she seems to lean and get drawn to people who shower her with extra attention and care. Yes – that is what eventually every girl desires but in Ruheen’s case I was expecting a little more understanding. Maybe it was because of her “not so happy” past (she loses her parents at a very young age; her grandfather fulfills all her wishes at all times; her bad history with Vishal and Rohan) but as an adult, I felt, she should’ve been more patient with Aditya in the first place. I’m not judging her – after all we all have our moments of weakness at some point or another. At places I could connect very well with Ruheen’s character (and wouldn’t hate to admit – I did feel a bit of me in her) but at places she seemed to be the one with the communication problem.
A commendable work of a prolific writer - Ahmed Faiyaz. Every little detail about the setting, the background, the characterization – is so well written that it breathes life into all the scenes and pages. The story flows lucidly and seamlessly from one part of the world to another – from one scene to another.
The story kind of re-enforces your belief in “selfless love” – a concept that honestly seems to have evaded our generation today. In the age where everyone just wants instant gratification without much thought to consequences and aftermaths, Another Chance makes you think about the real essence of “love”, of giving and forgiving. I don’t know how many will agree with my opinion, but I truly believe that when you find the one person who makes you feel complete and for whom you would even want to give up your all, try and hold on to that person. After all, “love” strikes but once and we barely get “another chance” in real life.
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