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Aisle Be Damned

Aisle Be Damned

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The book is an exceptionally hilarious take on everything that one can relate with air travel. It has summed almost everything that can go wrong and right when you are air travelling. From what can go right when you step into the airport to what can go wrong while you choose your seat, meal and whatever else that an airline has got to offer. Every single person who has ever flown can relate to the book and those who do not like to travel by air and yet have to do that, they will relate...

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This would come under your 'interesting non-fiction and Humour' category. I know that you are probably inundated with review requests, but I’d like to offer my clients' debut novel for your perusal.

A Hilarious Take on just about Everything Associated with Air Travel.

- Getting seamlessly upgraded to Business Class.
- The hows and whys of micromanaging the pilots.
- Action plans to counter the airlines Technical Snag routine.
- Sure shot strategies for winning the affections of flight attendants.
- Awesome icebreakers to start conversations with attractive co-passengers.
- How smart executives deal with the Walk of Shame to the economy section.
- How a water bottle dramatically improves flight safety.
- Breezing through immigration and customs, always making your flight connections and a whole lot more
- Rest assured, your flying experience will never be the same again!
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