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A New History of India

A New History of India

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Published by Abrams Books

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After more than twenty-five years in print, A New History of India continues to be the most readable and popular one-volume history of India available. Now in its eighth edition, this acclaimed text features updated scholarship and bibliographic material throughout and integrates new research on such incisive topics as the Indian diaspora, the economy, and the nuclear issue.

In lively, accessible language, Stanley Wolpert condenses more than 4,000 years of India's histo...

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Lok Sabha,  

South Asia,  

Shah Jahan,  

South India,  

British India,  

United States,  

Rig Veda,  

Uttar Pradesh,  

East India Company,  

Muslim League,  

Sri Lanka,  

Indian Ocean,  

British Raj,  

Central Asian,  

Chandra Gupta,  

Jawaharlal Nehru,  

Bay of Bengal,  

Indira Gandhi,  


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