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A Calendar Too Crowded

A Calendar Too Crowded (Paperback)

A Calendar Too Crowded (Paperback)

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A Calendar Too Crowded is a collection of poignant stories and poems woven around the theme of womanhood. What makes this work of fiction different from other books that highlight the plight of women is its unique approach. There are quite a few days in the calendar that are devoted to women. The aim of remembering and commemorating such days is simple enough: they serve the purpose of spreading awareness thereby attempting to protect the rights of women.

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A collection of short stories and poems, Sagarika tackles the stories with a straight face and sincerity. The premise of the book, that despite all the baggage of days like - Women's Day, Anti-Abortion Day and others - atrocities against women continue unabated is certainly spot-on.

If fiction is a medium to bring out the truth, then 'A Calendar Too Crowded' starts off in the right note. While the purpose of the stories in sincere and the atmosphere very apt, the stories themselves needed more piecing together to have more impact. For instance ' The Gift of Life' has the refrain of 'all my fault', that haunts the girl child right to her death, and beyond (Which is the story's advantage) - is a bit overplayed. The writing genre is more of activism, rather than impartial storytelling. But then, the writer's purpose is writ large on the stories and occasional poem. The writing is in uppercase on the wall, as the days commemorated each month in honour of women, are a major highlight in the stories too.

The tales thus told work as activism rather than stories. They are more about spreading awareness of atrocities; so if we go beyond the routine idea of classification,'A Calendar Too Crowded' is a quality read. These are not breezy stories, nor are they deftly told, but it certainly has a writer who knows where her heart belongs.Certainly worth a visit.

- SK
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