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Latest reviewed by: Ketan
Excerpt of Latest Review: Ark Angel is the 6th book in the Alex Ryder series. Running speedily like a B-grade Hollywood flick, This Alex Ryder installment is all action and no brains. The author should have written a movie script and sold it to some cheap producer instead of subjecting his fans to this torture. Alex Ryder is the youngest CIA agent (17 yrs old). The Ark Angel is the controversial rocket a major industriali....
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Latest reviewed by: Harsha
Excerpt of Latest Review: The year is 1964. David Henry is an orthopedic surgeon, happily married to Norah. When his wife goes into labor in the middle of a snowstorm, David has to deliver the child himself. The couple is unaware that Norah is actually carrying twins, a boy and a girl. David, on delivering his daughter discovers that she has Down’s syndrome and asks his nurse, Caroline, to give her away to a “home” b....
4 Rating(s)
Latest reviewed by: Harsha
Excerpt of Latest Review: The title of the book recapitulates the story very well. Higgins is similar to Pygmalion; he has molded this creation and now admires his creation – quite like Pygmalion of his statue. Eliza Doolittle is a poor, illiterate flower girl, who solicits the help of Professor Higgins to teach her to speak like a lady so that she can achieve a better position in society. He takes her on as his linguist....
4 Rating(s)
Latest reviewed by: Sanjana
Excerpt of Latest Review: This is a story of intense addiction. It is a wonderfully crafted comprehensive tale of recovery that makes way to your heart. Rejecting any kind of self-pity, cynicism, the story is a fine balance of sad memoirs, addiction, life in a rehab, human strength, suburban life, family, love, care, crazy stunts and normal routines. Something most girls (usually) dig. James work is absolutely honest and....

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