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World war ii

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ASTON: More or less exactly what you... DAVIES: That's it ... that's what I'm getting at is ... I mean, what sort of jobs ... (Pause.) ASTON: Well, there's things like the stairs ... and the ... the bells... DAVIES: But it'd be a matter ... wouldn't it ... it'd be a matter of a broom ... isn't it? - Dialogue between Aston and Davies in The Caretaker, a talked-about Harold Pinter play. The Theatre of the Absurd belongs to a genre of absurdist fiction, writ...
Post by: Deepti Khanna
Over 350,000 dead; millions displaced, billions worth of property damaged, a civilization completely annihilated and many still suffering. This was the outcome of the catastrophic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945, which forced the Japanese to surrender and ultimately leading to the end of World War II.   Food, clothing and shelter were the only basic necessities that a man knew, until his thinking and greed got beyond his own capacity and his wants becam...
Post by: Madhu Nair

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