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Summer in calcutta

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    Some weeks ago, I attended a retrospective on Amma (Kamala Suraiya nee Das) at which Suresh Kohli screened a video interview of hers, where she spoke of her grandmother and her great-grandmother. I told Suresh that this was typical of Amma, for to her by far the most important influences in life came from the maternal side. She never let me and my brothers forget how disappointed she was that all her children were male, or how happy she was in being bor...
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                          It is quite a daunting task to list the works of the Indian literary stalwarts who  were/are women. History tells us that the first known woman writer and poet was Enheduanna who was a princess and a priestess of the moon god Nanna. She was the daughter of King Sargon from the kingdom of Akkad in Mesopotamia. She lived around 2300-2225 B.C! Here is our list of s...
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