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Reading and writing, the two things we had almost lost to Xbox and Playstations and Wii and other gaming gadgets, are seeing the light of day once again. The rising number of readers and new-age writers is amazing. It not only instills faith in the fact that the younger generation is not all that spoilt, but also brings forth new contemporary literature. But my point today is not about honing such talents or praising them. Not today. I recently had a lengthy conversa...
Post by: Sanjana Kapoor
  Corporate World seems like a parallel Universe. It is intriguing, fascinating and yes, shocking! And capturing a bit of the "shock" is Sumit Aggarwal's debut novel "Office Shocks".  The novel encapsulates the protagonists' first day at work. Filled with humor, the shocking incidents make for a quick read. BookChums got talking to the author for his take on the book and the corporate world.     What got you interes...
Post by: Sonia Safri
Books have known to entertain, express and educate. Once bitten by the reading bug, there are very few people who can be tempted to not take refuge in books. Be it science fiction, self-help, romance, fantasy, short stories or chick-lit there are just countless books written in each genre. When you soak yourself in this treasure (world of books), it is up to you to fish out pearls, corals or just pebbles. Would you like to become an avid reader? If yes, here’s a...
Post by: Deepti Khanna
  Technology has always given us proud moments that have turned our lives around many pivot points. And the advent of ebooks has been one such turning point in the lives of avid readers/writers.     Storage Duplication and storing data is a lot easier than ever. The ability to hoard gigabytes of information (books) has brought around the ability to store and reflect upon every book you’d have ever read – as a child, as a teenager, as a c...
Post by: Sonam Kapoor

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