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In the last few weeks we spoke to you about how books on healthy eating, fitness regimes and mental wellbeing are the talk of the town and have become a part of everyone’s book shelf. Be it recipes to deal with acidity or fitness programmes to suit a particular body type, or books that teach you how to feel good, there are quite a few lessons you can learn from them. This week we shall take a closer look at the pregnancy-related health books that were released rece...
Post by: Deepti Khanna
What do you do with a day like today? Celebrate or mourn? The World Population Day was created by the United Nations to raise awareness about the alarming population growth humans experienced. While childbirth is a time to rejoice, the creation of this day only reminds of the doom and gloom our decisions to rejoice have brought upon us.   The world is already at a population of 7 billion and counting. While some countries are reporting dramatic decreases in ...
Post by: Manasi Kulkarni

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