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Gothic fiction is usually illustrated along stereotypical lines. A gothic story is usually imagined to have a medieval setting of a Gothic castle, a damsel in distress, a villain with blood-curdling intent, and a knight in shining armor. While all of these could be true while cohesively presenting a gothic story, it would be unfair to write off this genre as puerile or kitsch. It is not as unappetizing as it appears to be. It has evolved over the ages and surprisingly, s...
Post by: Kabita Sonowal
Born on 18th November 1939 Canadian writer Margaret Atwood has had an illustrious writing career. Atwood is also known for her poems essays activism and her work as a literary critic. But first and foremost Atwood is a novelist. Many Atwood works are marked with a strong narrative a mix of science fiction sometimes or strains of feminism but always getting her core point across. The Handmaid's Tale was one of her first books to be honoured - it won the 1987 i...
Post by: Imtiaz Ahmed

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