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          Hope you folks have been enjoying yourselves. Do share your reads with us. Here are the questions and answers for this week. Keep writing and enjoy your summer reads.   I have read Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov. Is there any other book by him that you would recommend? Thanks – Ashish Goyal, Bangalore You can read Glory by Nabokov. It is a great read that encapsulates brilliant narration, language and storytelling. ...
Post by: Kabita Sonowal
scandal skan-d(u)l 1. Disgraceful gossip about the private lives of other people 2. A disgraceful event   Gossip has its roots as one of human beings’ favourite pastimes, and it still persists and flourishes. While gossip has long been considered a female trait, changing social systems have deemed us to say that it is no longer be attributed to a gender. With the coming of technological advancements and new tools of communication, the latest gossip can...
Post by: Snehith Kumbla
  This week, BookChums features Obsession as the theme for the week. Much has been said about love and so has a lot been said about obsession. Obsession in literature has always been a study of painters, poets, writers, psychologists, filmmakers and other polymaths. This topic has always caught the attention of many and literature has delighted us with many of such characters and reads. When we speak of Obsession in Literature, three of the books that first come ...
Post by: Kabita Sonowal

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