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  Lee Child is synonymous with his famous Jack Reacher character, a military policemen, in his massively popular writings. He has authored books including Killing Floor, Die Trying, Tripwire, The Visitor, Echo Burning, Without Fail, Persuader, The Enemy, One Shot, The Hard Way, Bad Luck and Trouble, Nothing to Lose, Gone Tomorrow, 61 Hours, Worth Dying For, A Wanted Man, Never Go Back and Personal. He was born in Coventry in England was christened as Jim Grant. H...
Post by: Kabita Sonowal
  The literary thriller genre keeps us mesmerized and hooked on to its books until we reach their endings. The beauty and uniqueness of this genre lie in diversity: murders, heists, abductions, psychology, history, archaeology and much more. There is such a wide variety of books to choose from in this genre: Frederick Forsyth, Ken Follett, Michael Crichton, Clive Cussler, Dan Brown, Raymond Chandler, Edgar Allan Poe, Ian Fleming, Joy Fielding, John Grisham, Lee C...
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