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I never thought I’d be writing book reviews, more so a guide to book reviewing. But thanks to a good man I know through Twitter and who shares the same liking for blogging and books that I do, I am now going to lay down a ten seven step guide to the art of review writing.   Disclaimer: This is meant for the simpler folks who don’t  review books professionally and who have just started or want to start book reviewing.   1) It is not roc...
Post by: Alpana Mallick
  Humor does rule the world. At least my world. Reading humorous pieces livens up our day. It breaks the monotone of work and life. Most problems can be fixed with a dose of laughter. But what I like most about humor pieces is the fact that the point under scrutiny is communicated with much effect and quite intelligently. It also reflects a bit of the writer’s character trait. A writer with a good sense of humor will make sure his/her pieces amuse people....
Post by: Sanjana Kapoor
The prime objective behind writing a comic-fantasy piece of work is to amuse oneself and the world at large. If a writer has succeeded in amusing themselves with their work, it goes without saying that they would succeed in amusing others too. Parodied and comic pieces of literary work bring humor into people’s lives. A lot of people also thrive on flights of fantasy and this is where creativity seeps in as illustrated in the book ‘Love Songs for the Shy and ...
Post by: Kabita Sonowal

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