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Last week we told you how you could go ahead and build your own enviable personal library. This week we shall take the series on personal libraries ahead and share the positives of having a personal library in your home. Kids more likely to pick up ‘other’ books If you have a reasonably large collection of books at home, kids and other members of your family will be exposed to newer authors, genres and styles of writing. And if there is a reading cult...
Post by: Deepti Khanna
In the concluding part of the series on setting up a library at home, we shall now look at a comprehensive list of 10 must haves in your personal library. Catch-22 by Joseph Heller The novel describes the wartime experiences of an Army Air Corps Captain John Yossarian. Captain John Yossarian, a bomber pilot is trying hard to make it through WWII alive. But the only excuse the Army accepts for refusing to fly a mission is insanity. So Yossarian constantly devises...
Post by: Deepti Khanna

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