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I do not like chick-lits. Yes, you read that right (*looking at EvilDevil). I feel it is not really a genre, but simply the book description. And I do not like chick-lits. At all. Spattered with pink (eeuu!) and margaritas and martinis and cosmopolitans and lotions and stockings – rather than soaking in literary awards, or IQ for that matter, I’m surprised such books sell like hot cakes. The image that pops in my head (when a book is termed as chick-...
Post by: Sanjana Kapoor
  Corporate World seems like a parallel Universe. It is intriguing, fascinating and yes, shocking! And capturing a bit of the "shock" is Sumit Aggarwal's debut novel "Office Shocks".  The novel encapsulates the protagonists' first day at work. Filled with humor, the shocking incidents make for a quick read. BookChums got talking to the author for his take on the book and the corporate world.     What got you interes...
Post by: Sonia Safri
scandal skan-d(u)l 1. Disgraceful gossip about the private lives of other people 2. A disgraceful event   Gossip has its roots as one of human beings’ favourite pastimes, and it still persists and flourishes. While gossip has long been considered a female trait, changing social systems have deemed us to say that it is no longer be attributed to a gender. With the coming of technological advancements and new tools of communication, the latest gossip can...
Post by: Snehith Kumbla

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