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  For years together man has found great company in books. Books are known to narrate a story, surprise readers and also make them laugh. But a good book can do a lot more than this. There is a thin line of difference between a good and a great book.   Here’s how you can differentiate between them.       You know you have found a great book when… Every time somebody turns on the TV set, you go in the other r...
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Writer, trekker, mountaineer, motivational speaker and philanthropist, Bear Grylls is an individual who dons several hats and he inspires today’s teenagers. Synonymous with the popular television series, Man Vs. Wild, he was the youngest Briton to climb the Everest and he has narrated his dare-devil climb and experiences in The Kid Who Climbed Everest . His believes, “The difference between ordinary and extra-o...
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