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Celebrating the Monsoon “There are a hundred things she has tried to chase away the things she won't remember and that she can't even let herself think about because that's when the birds scream and the worms crawl and somewhere in her mind it's always raining a slow and endless drizzle. You will hear that she has left the country, that there was a gift she wanted you to have, but it is lost before it reaches you. Late one night the telephone will sign, and a voic...
Post by: Kabita
Celebrated American comic book artist and children’s book illustrator, Jon J Ruth was born on July 28, 1960. His works include Dracula: A Mystery in Moonlight and Nightmares; The Mystery Play (with Grant Morrison); The Mythology of an Abandoned City; The Sandman: The Wake (with Neil Gaiman); The Complete Moonshadow (with J. M. DeMatteis); Swamp Thing; Havok and Wolverine; Global Frequency: Planet Ablaze; New Mutants (with Louise Simonson); and Silver Surfer (with w...
Post by: Kabita

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