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Despite a college romance being released every other day, love stories today have very few takers. And this is completely justified because these stories don’t have any depth – no pain, no longing, no determination, no romance, no feeling at all. The lovers are not committed; are not passionate for each other the way lovers of a romantic flick were known to. Love stories were known to motivate people, to win their love. But the stuff being churned out now, is...
Post by: Guddu
In the past few weeks we spoke about how autobiographical traces, visuals,  writing style and character sketches can enrich a book reading experience. In the final part of the series we shall tell you a little about how sub plots and choice of words bring a sea change in the book reading experience   Sub plots Subplots are important to any novel since they weave dimension and complexity into stories. For instance in the novel There’s No Love On Wal...
Post by: Deepti Khanna
Last week we spoke about how the author's writing style and character sketches within any given novel enrich the book reading experience. This week we shall touch upon autobiographical traces and visuals, something that again adds greatly to the entire reading experience.     Autobiographical traces Sons and Lovers by DH Lawrence is a good example of semi autobiographical work. The setting, premise and characters of such novels borrow heavily from ...
Post by: Deepti Khanna
Starting this week we would be posting a series of blogs on how readers could appreciate a book better. Every week we shall pick out two of these parameters and talk to you a little about them. These pointers are sure to tell you that along with the story there is a lot you can read and enjoy in a book. For instance, the character sketches, sub plots, writing style, tempo, vocabulary / choice of words, background, autobiographical references etc. too speaks volumes about...
Post by: Deepti Khanna

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