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Raise a Toast to Ron Silliman
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Raise a Toast to Ron Silliman

Post by: Kabita
Ron Silliman is an American poet. Some of his most famous works include Wharf Hypothesis; Revelator; Northern Soul; Against Conceptual Poetry; Sunset Debris; 2197; Woundwood; The Chinese Notebook; The Grand Piano: An Experiment In Collective Autobiography (with Bob Perelman, Barrett Watten, Steve Benson, Carla Harryman, Tom Mandel, Rae Armantrout, Kit Robinson, Lyn Hejinian, and Ted Pearson); The Age of Huts; and The Alphabet. His other works are Manifest; Leningrad; Demo to Ink; Toner; Jones; N/O; Xing; MultiPlex (with Karen Mac Cormack); Crow; Mohawk; Nox; Ketjack; Sitting Up, Standing, Taking Steps; Legend (with Bruce Andrews, Charles Bernstein, Ray DiPalma, Steve McCaffery); Tjanting; BART; ABC; Paradise; In the American Tree: Language, Realism, Thought; Lit; The New Sentence; and What. He was born on August 5, 1946. He attended Merritt College, San Francisco State University and the University of California, Berkeley.
Silliman has taught in the Graduate Writing Program at San Francisco State University, at the University of California at San Diego, at New College of California, at Naropa University and at Brown University. He has also worked as a political organizer, a lobbyist, an ethnographer, a newspaper editor and as the executive editor of the Socialist Review (US). He currently lives with his wife, Krishna, and their sons, Colin and Jesse.
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