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Ismita Tandon Dhankher : Is Your Story Worth Telling - Part II - Guest Blog

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In continuation from last week's blog - Guest Blog: Is Your Story Worth Telling - Part I, getting a fiction novel published in this day is a piece of cake provided you have a good manuscript. No more sending query letters and manuscripts to heavy-weight publishers and wait for their response that may or may not come. The Publishing industry is in the throes of witnessing the rise of the new age running ‘Literary Agencies’, which help pitch your manuscript to the right publishers.


In the west that has always been the case. The publishers do not accept any unsolicited submissions and the Literary Agency acts as the bridge between the author and the Publishing house. The advantage of having a Literary Agency is that they help you fine-tune your manuscript, reinforce your faith in it and most importantly get you a better advance.


The advance amount for most first-time authors is as low as thirty thousand and I am referring to big Publishers here. The poor author is so thrilled at receiving an offer and getting to see his book in print that he readily agrees to the paltry sum.
The royalty cheques do roll in but 7.5% or 8% of book priced at 150 or 200 takes its own sweet time to fetch you the kind of money that you associate writing with.


I recommend first time writers to get in touch with Literary Agencies in India, submit their manuscript and see where it takes them. If nothing else, there is valuable feedback that one gets from the industry insiders and every writer must appreciate the value of failures and feedback. It’s the only way to improve any craft. I am listing a few literary agencies in the order of affability and response-time looking at commercial fiction.


Writer’s Side run by Kanishka Gupta: An excellent agency for first time authors. Kanishka is very well connected in the publishing circle and also happens to be my literary agent. The others are Siyahi  by Mita Kapur, Jacaranda by Jayapriya Vasudevan, and Jaya Bhattacharji Rose.


Ismita Tandon Dhankher’s mystery novel, ‘Love Kills’ is slated for release by Harper Collins in 2012. Her third novel, ‘Jacob Hills’, a thriller based in a Military setup will be out soon. Ismita is also the author of, 'Love on the Rocks', a thriller published by Penguin India in April 2011.  She’s passionate about poetry and blogs as, ‘A Lesser Known Poet’.



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