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Halcyon Wings

Post by: Sudipto Ghosh

Halcyon Wings: 'These Passions Feathers Are Gathering on a Winged Vision' is a sea change from what the current trend in English writing is all about. Nithin Purple throws in a new cultural ideal with a dreamy passion that related the non-fiction character with a more sincere narration. It dwells in mystery of freedom and the expectations that come with a newly found ability.

Halcyon Wings: 'These Passions Feathers Are Gathering on a Winged Vision' surfs on visionary thoughts that mark exciting gush of breathlessness and then suddenly plummets to solitude that arouses effectual sound of self-admiration and overwhelming joy. The book narrates the glimpses of a simple life that entangles in myriad ventures of ambition and emotion. Agony sets the tone for a journey of a youth who witnesses shocking events and inevitable truth of life, love, and death. The beauty of the book lies in the creation of hope from hopelessness and love from the hatred which ultimately stimulates the fear of loosing out loved ones and surpassing failure with happiness.


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