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Court Intimacy with Mary E Coleridge

Post by: Sudipto Ghosh

 Today is the birth anniversary of one of the most elusive writers in the history of English literature.


Today is the birth anniversary of one of the most elusive writers in the history of English literature. Born in the year 1861, Mary Elizabeth Coleridge belonged to the family tree of elite novelist, Samuel Taylor Coleridge. Just like her personal life, her books too carried a sensual charm of the old Victorian era and the fragrance of innocent flattery. Right from her first book in the year 1893, The Seven Sleepers of Ephesus, she sailed into the starry horizon of top writers. By far, The King with Two Faces remains her top-selling books and also the one that earned her most accolades.

The King with Two Faces was a sensational novel that carried many characteristic features of the Imperialistic Britain and the influence of the Indian and the Oriental way of life of the community living in the British Islands. Her poetry collection was never published in her lifetime. That is something that puts every writer under a mysterious agony. She could have been the forerunner in the illuminated galaxy of most original poets and lyricists. Her first book carrying verse was named Fancy’s Following, “by Anodos,”and published by Oxford in the year 1896. All her poems were collected and edited by Henry Newbolt.

Mary Elizabeth Coleridge scribbled in her writing pad with the impatience of a kid left in play. Her scribbling became the source of much delightful amusement of words. Her untimely death in the year 1907 left her work orphaned. Readers should be grateful to her friend Edith Sichel, who published the first ever memoir for Mary. The memoir carried a full scale series of short stories and poems. Twenty-five years of emotional journey and crafty words that came alive, sadly only after her death. Her poems clutch onto a flamboyant streak, bearing a close resemblance with the refute of a rebel. Her narrations encourage straight forwardness, blended with a rare concoction of intimacy and superfluous spirit.

Readers and admirers swear by her ‘life stirring’ encounters where she infuses the fun with a trail of inventive humor and gaiety of flexible route to success and contentment. Her tender words are spirited but don’t go over the board. Her narrations are adventurous yet excitingly humane. When you read the lines, her vivacious nature suddenly dives into untraceable depth of imagination. Her work is ‘complete’ and smartly designed. Ageless. The only word that fits all her compositions.

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