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How to become an avid reader
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How to become an avid reader

Post by: Deepti Khanna

Books have known to entertain, express and educate. Once bitten by the reading bug, there are very few people who can be tempted to not take refuge in books. Be it science fiction, self-help, romance, fantasy, short stories or chick-lit there are just countless books written in each genre. When you soak yourself in this treasure (world of books), it is up to you to fish out pearls, corals or just pebbles.

Would you like to become an avid reader? If yes, here’s a handy guide.

Find out what type of books you like: You can cultivate the habit of reading once you are able to judge what you enjoy reading. And if you do not know the answer to this one, you could always think about the movies you enjoy watching. Do you enjoy action, adventure, fantasy, philosophy or romance.Try to pick up a book of the same genre and chances are that you may just take to it like a duck takes to water. Another idea could be to pick up a book on which a movie was adapted. You might like to read it.

Seek book and author recommendations: There are many websites that put up author recommended books. In case you don’t find them as appealing, you can always ask your local librarian or friends around for advice and we are sure they will be happy to oblige. If that too doesn’t work too well, you can always look for book reviews in magazines, newspapers or the Internet.

Make a reading place: Find a comfortable place to read. It could be near a pond, at a library, in your room or just anywhere as long as there are no distractions. As you cultivate the habit of reading you can always read with music on, or even while you're watching TV or doing something that does not require much of your attention.

Try visualizing: When you are a new reader there is always a chance that you could get bored. In this case visualizing that you are the protagonist and all the drama is happening in your life can be of help. So if the book is about battling dragons, imagine yourself wielding a sharp, shiny sword, ready to take on the world on your unicorn! If the author is good, you would automatically relate to the characters in some way or the other. Remember, with a good book a character can become your friend or an integral part of your family.

Question yourself after finishing the book: To understand or appreciate books further it is necessary to question whether the book has made me wiser? Did I enjoy the book? Did I identify with the characters in the book?" "What best did I like about the story?" "Did I get to learn any new word or phrase from the book?" Answering these questions will help you select your next. If the answers are generally positive, you might think of reading a similar book or a book from the same author. And once you develop a liking for this habit you can slowly begin branching out and trying newer genres and authors.

Talking about the book or writing reviews helps: Always critically appreciating a book and discussing the pluses and minuses of a book with friends or even maintaining a diary helps. The quest to fill up the inadequacies of your first reading experience will encourage you to find your next, better book that can be devoured.

Getting yourself a good library membership: Getting a library membership or joining a book club will help a great deal. It will help you find other authors of the genres that interest you, expose you to book-related events, meeting up with other book lovers and enrich your knowledge on books and how they can be appreciated.

Just following some of these points are sure to make you an avid reader!

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