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Get Real People

Post by: Sonia Safri

All ye aspiring authors around…lend me your ears. I need to share with you a bubble of thought that burst in my head. It derailed my cognitive train and killed about a million brain cells in the vicinity. Investigation is on and I know serious damage has been done. But that story is for another time.
What I want to highlight today is the present situation of our nation. Nope, not the political one. We have other flag bearers and upholders of truth, honesty, etc. to take care of that. My worry is the literary scene.


Every day I hear or read about a new author getting his/her book published and promoted virally through all forms of media. And more often than not, present day writers focus on similar clichéd material.

We have a hoard of novels revolving around IITs, IIMs, schools, colleges, campus life, corporate life, or girl/boy journal that reveal certain instances – good, bad and ugly. Don’t make me name them. It will fill up the entire space here. Hey, I’m not saying it is bad. But for how long are we going to read clichéd fictional material? I see myself suffering from an OD. Not a good thing. At all.


How about getting real and showing the real side of life? Some real feelings and sensitivity. Things that we see every day and take for granted. Things that sometimes are so “in our face” that we end up ignoring them. It is a real world after all. The mind needs some quality reading at least once in a while. Is it too much to ask from our well qualified budding authors?

I feel that every time you read a book, a part of you is remains with the book and a part of the book remains with you. But given the current scenario, all books look and feel the same. There is no USP left. No EQ to connect with.

People read what is presented to them. If you keep offering mundane fiction stories, people will end up reading that. They will eventually grow to expect nothing but that from others as well. That is until they reach saturation.

Ok let’s not entirely point fingers at the authors here. When an author tries to modify or alter his/her track, he/she is either pulled out (ignored) or is put up on a pedestal (honored). I understand there is a fine line you writers have to walking to prove your skills. And a single step out of line can make or mar your growth. (Yes, it might also show how drunk you are. Oh wait...that’s for another time.) But you have to take a chance.


Classics are classics for a reason. They have literary value. They have universal appeal. And most importantly they touch your heart and enlighten your mind about a certain aspect. If you think you have enough determination and courage to present the world with a new platter of real life stories that make readers sit up and take notice, get on with your writing paraphernalia and bring out the best in you.

It’s time we all get real.

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