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Fathers Day Contest Winner: Anne Hendricks Childress

Post by: Anne Hendricks Childress

My Best Father’s Day Story

By Anne Hendricks


I knew when I began having contractions, I was in trouble. At 24 weeks gestation, my son, Ian, would be too little to survive. What began with picking up a school overhead ended up with a high risk pregnancy. This was my fourth pregnancy attempt and I knew that I would obey to the letter what the doctor ordered me to do. And the person who made sure I carried that child to term was not my husband, but my daddy, Dr. John Hendricks.


My father is a retired educator and has always been the first real love of my life. When I was put on bed rest with Ian, my father would come to my home, clean it, cook for me, entertain me, drive me to my appointments, pat me when I cried, make me laugh, and hold my hand when I had premature labor again and again and again.


I made it to 41 weeks gestation and had a beautiful baby boy, named for my father (the Scots version of “John”). He has been an involved grandparent, helping me transition into single parenthood when I divorced. Daddy became my son’s surrogate father, taking him and encouraging him in Scouts (he is now Star), tutoring him in math, providing babysitting when I had to teach and couldn’t miss work, and always backing me with discipline. Single parenting wasn’t hard because I had Daddy to help guide me – and I needed help and asked for it. Never once did I get judged.


When I remarried, he graciously stepped back and allowed a similar man of honor and integrity to be my son’s stepfather and my husband. He jokes often that “I am so glad David came. Because I can’t live forever!” I wished he could. He’s my best friend too.I cannot tell you how much I love my father - my child is here today as his living namesake and legacy.

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