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BookChums Tribute: Chinua Achebe (1930 – 2012)

Post by: Snehith Kumbla

Chinua Achebe, African Literature, Nigerian, Things Fall Apart

With the passing away of Chinua Achebe on 21st March 2013 at the age of 82, Africa lost it’s most popular and distinctive voice in English literature. Born in Nigeria, Achebe lived for some time in the US in the 1970’s. He returned to the US following a 1990 accident that left him partially disabled. In 1967, Achebe was part of a struggle for a new nation – Biafra, but after a bloody struggle, the region became a part of Nigeria again. Until his death, the writer served as a professor at the Brown University, US.


Achebe wrote several novels, but the most famous and influential is the one that came out in 1958 - Things Fall Apart. For the first time an African voice spoke about imperialism, with a distinct and unique viewpoint. The book tells of Okonkwo, a leader in Umuofia, one of the Nigerian villages and tragically documents the clash between tradition and colonialism.        

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