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BookChums Specials: On Letter Writing

Post by: Snehith Kumbla

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BookChums is celebrating the lost art of letter writing all this week. As you can see, we are commemorating it with a display of a blank page of parchment and a black feather quill beside the BookChums logo. How do you revive a lost art whose time is up? In the age of technology and instant messaging, where messages can be sent anywhere and everywhere on the planet at the press of a button, the right question would be - Is there a need to resurrect letter writing?


It would have to be a personal choice, for letter writing was always a leisurely exercise (If you exclude official letters). It was a matter of choice to write letters, a need. A letter couldn’t be dashed off in haste like a SMS, it was not meant for a reaction or an immediate response. Writing a letter was more about lingering in a feeling than rushing through it. There was the intermediate waiting when both parties went about their lives and then the letter arrived like a piece of personal literature.


We have been talking in the past tense here, but there are still people out there who still apply ink to paper. Such is its magic, and until the postal service survives, there will be somebody or the other, writing letters to somebody.         

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No doubt the art of letter writing prevailed to back times when human being steped on earth. It is equally important in modern times - the technology tools. But tools are nothing unless used by human mind. The ideas are being invented by man and then communicated through tools. It is the human thinging embracing love, affection and hate.
Thu,Mar 21st 2013 4:53 PM