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Award Thursdays: Christopher Nolan

Post by: Snehith Kumbla

He is a thinker, a film director, for that an intelligent one, and it comes as no surprise that most of Nolan’s films deal with the psychological. Most of you must have watched the Batman trilogy, right from Batman Begins (2005) to the searing The Dark Knight (2008) and the disappointing The Dark Knight Rises (2012). But if wanted to see just how much Nolan thinks then there is the mind-boggling Inception (2010) – A film that impresses so many film-goers because they didn’t get it the first time.


But the best Nolan movie I love watching is the non-linear flowing Memento (2000). A former salesman has a short-term memory loss due to an inflicted wound. With the help of tattoos drawn on his body, notes and photographs, the guy goes on search on his wife’s killers. Only things are not that simple. When I say non-linear, I mean it. We see the ‘villain’ get shot in the first scene and then the story moves backwards right to where the protagonist meets the antagonist for the first time. An escapist version by the name of Ghajini was made in Tamil and Hindi here. We hope Nolan will forgive that.       

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