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Ask Kabita #35: Our Book Recommendation Expert

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Hello, bookworms! Welcome to the brand new edition of Ask Kabita. The weather is beautiful and sometimes we get a nice sprinkle of rain. What a time is it to travel! Anyway, here is a pick from the umpteen queries we received during the course of the week:


I love listening to Hindi film songs and especially like the lyrics of Gulzar. There is so much poetry in them. Is there a compilation of Gulzar’s film songs? – Jasmeet Kaur, Mumbai

Thanks for asking Jasmeet. We have just the book for you. About four years ago, Penguin released a compilation of Gulzar’s film lyrics, titled 100 Lyrics. It was, incidentally, also the year of Gulzar’s 75th birthday. The book contains 100 film lyrics selected by Gulzar himself – right from his first song Mora gora ang lele (Bandini, 1963) to Jai ho! (Slumdog Millionaire, 2008). The English translation of the songs runs parallel to the original words. The book is also interspersed with the lyricist’s anecdotes on the making of certain songs.


What are the best and most entertaining memoirs you have read?Harshada Patil, Pune

Ah, that is tough one. But for the sheer joy and the magic of storytelling it has to be Roald Dahl’s twin memoirs – Boy and Going Solo. Thanks.


Thank you for writing folks.  Adios for now. Look forward to your email at

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