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A Father’s Day to Forget

Post by: Manasi Kulkarni

It was a bright Sunday morning and Niah was up early. She had a lot of plans today. Really big plans for her tiny hands. Only yesterday, Niah and her mother had been out shopping for that perfect gift for Daddy. They had bought him a tool box, because Mommy knew how much Daddy loved to build things. Niah also liked the gift; Daddy had promised her to build a tree house when he had all the tools. Now she would soon get her tree house. Daddy always kept his promises.

Mommy was also going to bake a big cake with a tree house on it for Daddy. He loved mommy's cakes. He would always whisper something in Mommy's ear when she made a cake, and she would turn red like an apple. Niah loved when her mother laughed like that.

But Niah was not yet satisfied. She wanted to make something for Daddy. But she was just three and didn't know how to build anything. And Daddy would be angry if she touched his tools. Daddy's cheeks turned red and he huffed and puffed when he was angry. Niah though he looked funny. She has once laughed at him, but that made him even angrier.

She sat on her bed wondering what she should do. Suddenly she remembered, Grandma had taught her a trick on her birthday when she brought her a lot of colors. Niah jumped up from her bed, got a big piece of paper. She folded it in two, poured her favorite colors - red, yellow and green - in the middle and closed it. She then took a coin and rubbed it over the paper. And voila, there was a beautiful butterfly when she opened the paper. Daddy will love my painting, she thought. She wrote Daddy on it (Mommy had taught her how to). She couldn't wait to show it Daddy.

She ran to her parent's room. Daddy was still sleeping. Niah was scared of Daddy's snoring, but she went in and climbed up the bed. "Wake up! Wake up, Daddy! Look I made you a gift." Daddy opened his eyes and smiled his big smile and took Niah in his arms. He loved her card and kissed her hair. Daddy loved Niah's curly hair. He said she was his princess.

Just then mommy walked in with hot coffee and muffins that Niah loved. The three of them sat on the porch and enjoyed their tea and muffins. Niah loved the porch; the sun always looked so big from there. And Daddy was going to build her tree house on the tree opposite it. Daddy loved the porch too. The morning sun on his daughter's face was the most beautiful time of the day.

Suddenly his eye's moistened up. Mommy held his hand and cried. They looked at the tree house. It was father's day once again, but Daddy's princess was gone. Her little hands would no longer paint for Daddy. Her hair would not glisten in the morning sun. It was a father's day he had dreaded. And now it had arrived. 

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