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Steve Jobs the Movie

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LOS ANGELES -  Steve Job’s life will be screened by none other than the Oscar-winning screen writer Aaron Sorkin based on the best-selling biography by the co-founder of Apple and maker of iPods and iPads. The book ‘Steve Jobs’ was published late last year and has been Amazon's best-selling book of 2011, with a sale of more than 2.2 million hardcover copies.

It looks like Sony Pictures Entertainment on Tuesday disclosed its plans to involve Sorkin, the writer of the Facebook film, "The Social Network," for screen playing Steve Job’s movie, estimated to be a major release.  Confident about Aaron Sorkin, Amy Pascal, co-chairman of Sony Pictures Entertainment said in a statement that the film is expected to depict everything that Job was: captivating, entertaining, and polarizing.



Sorkin won an Oscar for his work on "Social Network" in 2011, and was also nominated for best writing Oscar in 2012 for his "Moneyball". He also wrote the TV political drama popular as "The West Wing". Sorkin is behind the upcoming HBO' series "The Newsroom," a fictional cable news channel’s behind-the-scene series.

Some of his recognized features include the politically-themed trio "Charlie Wilson's War," “Malice”, "A Few Good Men," as well and “The American President". He is also working on a Broadway musical on the notable magician Harry Houdini, with Hugh Jackman lined up to star in the play, expected to make a debut next year. Sorkin's new TV series, "The Newsroom," is skedded to premiere on HBO on June 24.

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