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BookChums Interviews Upendra Sahani

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June 7, 2012, Pune, India: BookChums interviewed Upendra Sahani, author of Love Cocktail. In this interview, he discussed his first book, future writings, and his interests and aspirations straight- from-the-heart.


Sahani’s first book, Love Cocktail is set in an engineering college. It traces a plethora of relationships; it is about angst, frustration, and ecstasy that engineering students go through. He says that ‘most parts of the book are real; so I had to work only on a few portions to make “Love Cocktail” a better-connected and pleasant piece of prose. Fortunately, I can create stories quickly in my mind. My mother and sisters have been instrumental in inculcating this gift in me at childhood’.


Upendra Sahani is currently working on his second book. His advice to aspiring writers is that one must remain optimistic in the face of all criticism. He adds, “So if you have a story in your mind, start writing, believe me if you have dedication then the rest will fall into place.”


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